Signs Of Healthy Friendships

Every once in a while it’s helpful to see if your friendship is as healthy as it can be. You might get used to a friendship over time to the point where you don’t see the areas for improvement. And since great friendships are priceless, you should always surround yourself with the kind of people […]

Growing Healthy Friendships

What is a “friend”? Webster’s Third Dictionary even appears confused on the subject. The dictionary offers multiple definitions for friend, some of which are contradictory. To me, a friend is someone you hold in high regard, and with whom you share a mutual trust. A friend will be there for you, both in the best […]

Why “Friends First” Doesn’t Work

I’ve never been “friends first” with a boy, though the concept is quite fascinating. Imagine you meet someone that you’re not attracted to. Then later, as some times goes by, suddenly, you begin to notice all these fantastic qualities about them that you didn’t know existed, and boom! You’re in love! Is that a 90s […]